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Our focus is on toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary school age children. We now offer teletherapy services using secure digital video conferencing platforms. Our serices include:

ASSESSMENT: An assessment is the first step in determining if your child has a speech or language delayor disorder and identifying the main areas of need. It includes measurement and observation of your child's speech, language and communication skills. Aften an evaluation, the Speech-Language Pathologists is able to identify goals and suggest a therapy model for your child's individual needs. Ongoing assessment throughout the therapy process will help to track progress and set new goals as needed. An accurate evaluation is an essential part of therapy.

At FUN TO TALK, we offer two different types of assessments:

Standardized Assessments: A complete assessment is recommended for a child who is able to sit for an extended period of time and participate in standardized testing. (E.g. pointing at pictures when asked, telling names of pictures, etc.) Also known as a formal assessment, it is typically conducted over one or two sessions of 1 to1 ½ hours each for a total of 2 -3 hours of testing.  Standardized assessments will provide scores which detail your child’s skills/difficulties relative to other children the same age. You will receive statistical information such as standard scores and percentile ranks and these numbers will be interpreted and explained to you so that you understand what they mean for your child. Standardized assessments are useful if a report is needed for school, for program planning, to establish a baseline or to track progress if your child has already been in therapy for some time. 


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Non standardized Assessments: For children who are not yet able to participate in standardized testing, or for families who do not require a complete assessment, a non standardized (or informal) assessment is usually sufficient. An informal assessment is typically 1 hour long and is play-based.  The SLP uses procedures such as observation, parent interview and/or screening tests. In addition, transcription, analysis and documentation after the assessment is required from the clinician as there are no standardized test scores to utilize. The clinician will provide her impressions, suggestions and recommendations once she has had time to annalyze the information gathered. A formal report is not written after a non-standardized assessment.

For information on fees associated with assessment please contact us

THERAPY: We offer individual or small group therapy (when appropriate) to toddlers and children witha range of speech, language and developmental needs. As FUN TO TALK SLPs, we go out of our way to emphasize the FUN part of therapy. You won’t find us sitting at the table drilling boring flashcards for 45 minute stretches! What you will observe, are games, toys, crafts, snacks, technology, music, gross motor and anything else that we find is motivating to your child. Our environments are stimulating, engaging and nurturing. We take it as a big compliment when children don’t want to leave our sessions when their time is up. At FUN TO TALK, FUN is mandatory!

For children with motor speech dififculties, we offer specialized PROMPT therapy based on the work by Deboarah Hayden. For further information about  PROMPT therapy, please click here.

We approach therapy for children with Autism from a functional communication appraoch, and incorporate principles of ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) in our management. We welcome working with your ABA therapist as a multidisciplinary team or will consult with our partner ABA therapist as needed.

 We offer consultation services to schools, daycares or muother professional's involved in the child's care. For young children who do not require weekly therapy with the clinician, parent training and home programing may be indicated. The need for weekly therapy versus a consultation model will be determined adfter the initial assessment/appointment with your FUN TO TALK SLP?

WORKSHOPS: From time to time, we offer parent workshops with guest speakers offering topics of interest, such as "Navigating special education resources in the school system" or "Parenting your Special needs child". These workshops are open to clients of FUN TO TALK only.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM MANAGEMENT: To offer the best service possible to our clients, the SLP's of FUN TO TALK have teamed up with other professionals, such as Occupational Therapists, ABA clinicians and Psychologists. They offer services that we believe are necessary and helful to our families. These professionals have a comprehensive understanding of the types of challenges faced by children with commuication difficulies and work well as a team to maximize each child's potential. We believe these individuals offer excellent service and we have worked with them intimately with multiple clients. They bring a unique set of skills to the team and we have come to rely on them as crucial contributors. They are independent clinicians who are not employed by FUN TO TALK and have no financial relationship with us. Contact us to learn more!

Why Choose FUN TO TALK?  At FUN TO TALK, we have a special interest and higher level training in Motor Speech disorders. We have many years of experience working with late talkers and children with complex needs. Our practice is unique because we focus on this specific popularion of preschooler difficulties, and have developed a novel, wholistic approach to serving our clients. Our approach is personalised and our SLPs share a passion for helping children that we believe sets us apart from anyone else.


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